About the SUNGAS project

Firewood - a simple and sustainable form of energy.

There are clear reasons why Nigerians want reliable access to energy. The SUNGAS project aims to go beyond the ‘why’ to focus on the ‘how’ to make the case for promoting sustainable decentralised energy service delivery.

Advocacy, Demonstration and Research

Our research will focus not on the demands, but on the detail of implementation challenges and opportunities. It will feed into public debates and policy platforms – spanning civil society groups, government, and the private sector – in order to raise awareness of the key issues.

Research Themes

The research themes span from gaining a better understanding of what works and what does not work – by looking at a range of existing energy projects in Nigeria and further afield – to a clearer understanding of the energy policy environment and how this compares to best practice elsewhere. Our research will focus on business and investment models, state and national policy, technological options, and issues specific to local contexts.

Our key research themes are:

  • Energy and low carbon development
  • Power sector reform
  • Natural gas utilisation
  • Renewable energy investment and opportunities
  • Biomass energy options
  • Energy for better public service delivery

Demonstration themes

SUNGAS partners are developing a number of community-based demonstration projects within the project itself. In order to ensure community ownership the projects involve the community from day one, initially with participative consultation then ensuring they are involved in the implementation.

They will explore what works and what does not, and provide valuable lessons learned for when scaling-up and replicating elsewhere in Nigeria.

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